Helping You Buy Your Next Home

Whether you’re looking for your first home or condo, whether entry level or luxury market, Kelly will help you find the home that’s right for you. Kelly is in the market everyday looking for properties in the different neighbourhoods, with the features and characteristics that meet her clients’ needs.

The starting point to a successful search is to understand your needs and desires for a new home. We will discuss and prioritize them based on your lifestyle needs – so that you get the most home, at the best price with the least amount of stress. Kelly understands its more than a home, it’s about lifestyle and your community.

The benefits to clients looking to buy a home

  • Provide an understanding of the process from beginning to end so that there are no surprises along the way.
  • Our process will help you develop your list of what is important to you and prioritize your wishlist.
  • Provide a neighbourhood, and market analysis based on your needs and wants, so opportunities are not missed.
  • Keep you informed of all properties that meet your specific needs, and take the time to visit and evaluate potential properties with you.
  • Provide recommendations for any needed professionals – mortgage brokers, home inspectors, lawyers, contractors – tailored to your specific situation.
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“Kelly didn’t push us at all or waste our time looking at houses she knew we wouldn’t like. She knew by taking the time to meet and discuss all the things that were important to us, that we would find the right home. Her commitment to us, and the process is what helped us to find the perfect place to call home..” – Steve and Alex

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