Helping You Sell Your Home

Selling a property can be a complex process– but doesn’t need to be.  Choosing an experienced guide to help you with each step along the way will ensure you achieve the best results – with the least amount of stress!

It can be difficult to remain objective when selling your own property so expert advice from an experienced agent is one of the most valuable resources you could use when selling your home.  When preparing your home for sale it is important that potential buyers have the opportunity to see the value - and themselves - in the property.   It takes an experienced professional to bring the best qualities of your home forward for potential buyers.

Throughout the process Kelly will provide you with the experience, knowledge and expertise to be able to best position your home in the market.  Some of the pre-sale services include:
  • A Comparative Market Analysis to establish a competitive price range

  • Provide a Staging Consultation, it’s especially true in selling your home – you only get one chance to make a good first impression

  • Prepare a marketing strategy and professional marketing materials to showcase all the best features of your property

  • Includue a Pre-List Home Inspection to identify and inform of any pre-existing home conditions, and reduce the condition period of an offer speeding up the sale process

  • Keep you informed about the activity associated with the sale of your home, following up with other agents on feedback and level of interest from showings

  • Provide you with essential advice during offer negotiation to obtain the best offer for a successful sale
To discuss the features of your property and obtain a complementary  Comparative Market Analysis contact Kelly to set up a meeting today.