House to Condo ~ So you’ve decided you want to move from your house to a condo...

  • How much space do we ‘really’ need?
  • Where will company/family stay when visiting?
  • What community/condo suits our lifestyle?
  • How can we host family dinners?
  • What are all the costs associated with condo living?
  • What do I need to know about living in a condo?
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Condo to House ~ So you’ve outgrown your space and looking for something larger...

  • How much house do we need?
  • What are the important ‘living spaces’ we need to consider?
  • What are the extra expenses in owning a home versus a condo?
  • What neighbourhood/community meets our future plans and lifestyle?
  • What annual maintenance is required in a house?
  • How do we make the transition from condo to house?
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